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Past Working Groups

FCE LTER program has been organized by working groups and cross cutting themes that have transitioned topically over time to best address key research questions. The relationship between the topical areas are shown in the diagram below (with working groups shown in blue and cross-cutting themes shown in red), with hyperlinks providing an overview of the research themes, datasets, scientists and publications affiliated with that group.
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Past FCE Working Groups Primary Production (FCE I) Trophic Dynamics and Community Structure (FCE I) Nutrients & DOM (FCE I) Soils and Sediments (FCE I) Abiotic Factors (FCE I) Ecological and Social Modelling (FCE I) Primary Production (FCE II) Trophic Dynamics and Community Structure (FCE II) Biogeochemical Cycling (FCE II) Organic Matter Dynamics (FCE II) Climate and Disturbance (FCE II) Hydrology (FCE II) Modelling & Synthesis (FCE II) Human Dimensions (FCE II) Primary Production (FCE III) Trophic Dynamics and Community Structure (FCE III) Biogeochemical Cycling (FCE III) Organic Matter Dynamics (FCE III) Carbon Cycling (FCE III) Climate and Disturbance Legacies (FCE III) Hydrology and Water Policies (FCE III) Modelling & Scenarios (FCE III)
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