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Current Working Groups

The current phase of the FCE LTER program is organized into four working groups and four cross-cutting themes. Each working group or cross-cutting theme focuses on a set of key research questions and/or major processes being quantified by the LTER program.
Working Groups Cross-cutting Themes
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Biogeochemistry Working Group

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Bryan Aguilar <baguilar@fiu.edu>, Kaylee August <k.rice@ufl.edu>, Henry Briceno <bricenoh@fiu.edu>, Kristin Briggs <Kbriggs@fiu.edu>, Edward Castaneda <edward.castaneda@fiu.edu>, Lisa Chambers <lisa.chambers@ucf.edu>, Daniel Childers <dan.childers@asu.edu>, Stephen Davis <sdavis@evergladesfoundation.org>, Meredith Emery <memer008@fiu.edu>, James Fourqurean <fourqure@fiu.edu>, Evelyn Gaiser <gaisere@fiu.edu>, Lucy Gillis <lucy.gillis@leibniz-zmt.de>, Anne Hartley <ahartley@fgcu.edu>, Rudolf Jaffe <jaffer@fiu.edu>, Paul Julian <pjulian@ufl.edu>, Elizabeth Kelly <ekelly@umiami.edu>, Luke Lamb-Wotton <llamb009@fiu.edu>, Dong Yoon Lee <dolee@fiu.edu>, Yan Liao <liaoyan74@gmail.com>, Sparkle Malone <sparkle.malone@fiu.edu>, Willm Martens-Habbena <w.martenshabbena@ufl.edu>, Alex Martinez Held <reyheld@gmail.com>, Ximena Mesa <xmesa002@fiu.edu>, Angelica Moncada <amonc002@fiu.edu>, Greg Noe <gnoe@usgs.gov>, Ike Onwuka <ionwu002@fiu.edu>, Valeria Paz <vpaz003@fiu.edu>, Allan Popak <apopak@fiu.edu>, Jiangxiao Qiu <qiuj@ufl.edu>, Victor H. Rivera-Monroy <vhrivera@lsu.edu>, Dave Rudnick <David_Rudnick@NPS.gov>, Daniel Arturo Saavedra Hortua <dasaavedrah@gmail.com>, Len Scinto <scintol@fiu.edu>, Shelby Servais <smservais@gmail.com>, Sonja Smith <sonja.smith5@fiu.edu>, Ashley Smyth <ashley.smyth@ufl.edu>, Christina Staudhammer <cstaudhammer@ua.edu>, Kristy Sullivan <ksull027@fiu.edu>, Rosario Vidales <rvida018@fiu.edu>, Anna Wachnicka <wachnick@fiu.edu>, Dean Whitman <whitmand@fiu.edu>, Ben Wilson <bwils034@fiu.edu>, Sara Wilson <sawilson@fiu.edu>, Xiaochen Zhao <xzhao24@lsu.edu>

John Kominoski John Kominoski
Email: jkominos@fiu.edu

Department of Biological Sciences
Florida International University
Modesto Maidique Campus, OE 167
Miami, FL 33199

Phone: (305) 348-7117
Fax: (305) 348-1986
Stephen Davis Stephen Davis
Email: sdavis@evergladesfoundation.org

Everglades Foundation
18001 Old Cutler Road Suite 625
Palmetto Bay, FL 33157

Phone: (786) 249-4460
Fax: (305) 251-0039
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