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Envisioning Everglades Restoration Success: A Social Survey of Environmental Organizations in the Florida Everglades

Short-term project
Start date: 05-Dec-2010          End date: 05-Mar-2011
Contact person: Rebecca Garvoille

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Question #1: In your opinion, which kinds of consensus are most important to successful Everglades restoration?

Question #2: When you think about a fully restored Everglades, what do you envision?

Key Words and Phrases:

The two key themes that emerged from the 70 written responses were:
Water flow (55)
  • emphasis on restoring flow from Lake Okeechobee or the Everglades to Florida Bay (10)
  • on creating the natural (7), unimpeded (4) or free flow (5) of water. Six people mentioned sheetflow as important.

  • Water quality or clean water (20)
  • highlighted in a more general way with little mention of specific treatment methods or water quality benchmarks.

  • There was an overall emphasis on bringing back a more "natural" Everglades in contrast to the "unnatural" Everglades of today.

    Question #3: With the image of a fully restored Everglades in mind, how important are the following benchmarks to your vision of successful ecosystem restoration?

    Question #4: I believe we should restore the Everglades for the following reasons...

    Question #5: In your opinion, what are the biggest barriers to successfully restoring the Everglades?

    Key Words and Phrases:

    1. Insufficient or Uncertain Funding (29)
    2. Politics and Lack of Political Will (15)
    3. Limited Public Knowledge or Interest (8)
    4. Competing Interests, Priorities and Ideas about Restoration (8)
    a. Lawsuits (4)
    b. Influence of special Interests including agriculture (4)

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