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Project Information

Nutrient dynamics in Taylor River mangrove ecotone

Short-term project
Start date: 01-Aug-2006          End date: 01-May-2008
Contact person: Stephen Davis
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Sampling attributes
 •  Dissolved Organic Carbon in Water (three times per year)
 •  Dissolved Oxygen in Water (three times per year)
 •  Nitrate and Nitrite in Water (three times per year)
 •  Soluble Reactive Phosphorus in Water (three times per year)
 •  Total Ammonium in Water (three times per year)
 •  Total Nitrogen in Water (three times per year)
 •  Total Phosphorus in Water (three times per year)
 •  Water Salinity (three times per year)
 •  Water Temperature (three times per year)
 •  Water pH (three times per year)
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