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Site Role: RESSt Intern (2005-present)

Mentor scientist:
Dr. Colin Saunders

Sebastian began his research experience with the construction of a wetland at Felix Varela Senior High School. It consists of a three ponds that are linked together and the water circulates between them to model an Everglades marsh community. Since its construction, he has planted several native plants and stocked it with some of the animals found in the Everglades. Many of the teachers use the pond as an outdoor classroom to conduct biology labs for more than 1000 students annually.

After construction of the schoolyard marsh, Sebastian began working with Dr. Colin Saunders during the Fall of 2005. He is presently studying the effects of human impacts on seed production in sawgrass plants. Sebastian has collected soil cores throughout Everglades and counts the number of seeds at different depths. This information will allow Dr. Saunders to build a model describing changes in sea level through history.

In March 2006, Sebastian was invited to present his preliminary results to over 80 researchers at the FCE-LTER All Scientists Meeting at Fairchild Tropical Gardens in Miami. Once he finishes collecting the data, he will combine the information with Nia Brisbane's and along with Dr. Saunders, will build a model describing human on the sawgrass community of the Everglades.

Education: Attending Felix Varela Senior High School

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