Landsat7 ETM 2000 Mosaic

Interactive map information:
Landsat - 30m    (Display scale range = 1:120,000 - 1:250,000)
Landsat - 60m    (Display scale range = 1:250,000 - 1:500,000)
Landsat - 120m    (Display scale range = 1:500,000 - 1:2,000,000)
The 15m 2000 Landsat7 false color composite image map produced by the SFWMD was downloaded from the SFWMD's website. The MrSID image was converted to an ERDAS Imagine image. A subset of the image (the area just north of Lake Okeechobee south to the Florida Keys) was created using ERDAS Imagine 8.6. The subset image was reprojected from Florida State Plane Coordinate System to UTM, Zone 17N, WGS84. The image was then resampled to 30m resolution (subsequently divided into 121 tiles), 60m resolution (subsequently divided into 121 tiles), and 120m resolution. All images were stretched (2 standard deviations) before they were divided into tiles.

Downloadable layer information
Source(s): South Florida Water Management District
Projection: State Plane (Florida East, FIPS 3601 Fe), NAD 1983 HARN
Scale: 1:100,000 Year:    2000  
Format: raster, MrSid
Metadata: html    xml
Download: No longer available online
The SFWMD replaced the 2000 Landsat image with the 2004 Landsat image (2004 LandSat 7 ETM 3-4-5 Statewide Mosaic UTM JPG).
Thumbnail of Landsat7 ETM 2000 Mosaic